MSC Patran v2007 R1B WiNNT2K 英文正式版( CAE 電腦輔助製造行業的多功能仿真套裝軟體)

商品名稱: MSC Patran v2007 R1B WiNNT2K

商品分類: MSC系列工具軟體1區

商品類型: CAE 電腦輔助製造行業的多功能仿真套裝軟體

語系版本: 英文正式版

運行平台: WIN 9x/WIN ME/WIN NT/WIN 2000/WIN XP/WIN 2003

更新日期: 2007-11-16

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MSC PATRAN 是 CAE 電腦輔助製造行業的多功能仿真套裝軟體, 可以以交互方式進行三維物
體建模並以可視化圖形方式顯示工程分析結果. 它是該領域最著名的並行框架式有限元前後
化身和交互圖形界面集於一身,構成一個完整CAE集成環境。MSC Patran 針對各種不同的設
計分析,提供一個全開放性的 CAE 環境。MSC Patran 是世界公認最好的新一代前後處理系

Patran is the leading pre- and post processor for CAE simulation.
The programs advanced modeling and surfacing tools allow you to
create a finite element model from scratch. You can also take
advantage of Patran's advanced CAD access tools to work directly
on your existing CAD model. With direct access, Patran imports
model geometry without modifications. No translation takes place,
so your CAD geometry remains intact. After geometry is imported,
you can use Patran to define loads, boundary conditions, and
material properties.
Using Patran with MSC and third-party solvers Once your
finite-element model is complete, you can submit it for structural
analysis. Patran offers complete integration with MSC Software
analysis solvers, including Nastran and Dytran. What's more, an
open architecture allows you to completely integrate Patran to
work with in-house or third-party analysis programs.
Displaying graphical results As a post-processor, Patran quickly
and clearly displays analysis results in structural, thermal,
fatigue, fluid, magnetic terms, or in relation to any other
application where the resulting values are associated with their
respective finite elements or nodes.
Patran is the de-facto standard for linking design, analysis, and
results evaluation in a single, seamless environment.


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